Georgian Farmhouse


December 8, 2010



Georgian Farmhouse

A very rural location and beautiful farmhouse had been recently restored, and left with a tired garden lacking formality and structure.

Some existing planting was kept, and a large area of yorkstone paving with reclaimed blue engineering brick detail was installed. A strong backbone of evergreen planting gave much needed structure to the borders, linking the garden to the geometry of the buildings.

Further enclosure and privacy has been provided by hornbeam and yew hedges, helping to screen working areas, and a natural pool was enlarged.

Key Materials

Yorkstone paving with reclaimed blue engineering bricks compliment the brick buildings. Less used paths and the driveways were edged with reclaimed brick and granite and surfaced with pea shingle.

Reclaimed ironwork was adapted to create an arbour and the existing cider press became a focal point for the garden.

Stand-out plants

Block planting of Prunus laurocerasus and standard hollies create a formal framework for the main garden.

Libertia grandiflora, phormiums and hebes give all year structure, especially around the driveway and areas with daily use.

Lush acanthus, euphorbia and ferns fit to the period of the property, planted in sheltered beds.

Hornbeam hedging works well in the wet heavy clay soil on site.