Minimal Japanese


December 3, 2008



The Brief

A very clean lined but characterful garden, that looks good throughout the year. This garden had previously been a more traditional Japanese garden, that was in need of a complete overhaul.

There were some specimen bamboos that were retained, along with plenty of grey chippings……  The two decks offer space to relax in the sun, one morning and the other in the afternoon, and the patio and bar-b-que area is ideal for entertaining.

Strongly structured planting complements and softens the formal lines, with a clean pebble filled pool adding movement.

Key materials

Softwood decking and sawn grey sandstone linear paving are the main surfaces, with the existing chippings from on site used to create a gravel and stone garden.

A simple pool with granite urn, and stainless steel water blade are treated with chlorine to keep them crystal clear.

Stand out plants

Acer sangu-kaku give height and all year interest planted through the decking. A screen of whitebeam, and acer dissectum provide a backdrop to the pool, with nandina domestica creating  informal hedges to break up the open space.

More informal planting of libertia and hellebores  around the decks add a lush greenness, and soleirolia soleirolii planted around the rocks is a rich contrast to the gravel.

Our expectations were absolutely surpassed. We are so glad we chose Outdoor Living Space.

"David Evans"